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Our mission at fresh starts is to empower new beginnings, and help as many people as we possibly can. We believe that there is enough stuff out there for everyone to get the basic items they need when they are dealt a rough hand.  With this mission in mind we adhere to the following rules and regulations.

1) Clients should sign in to the log book when they arrive
2) Clients must be accompanied by a volunteer with a filled        
    out request form while they shop.
3) Client walk thru’s are to begin no later than 
    1/2 Hour before closing.
4)  Limit 2 visits per family. (using the request form) plus wish list
5) Some items are limited so that we can help
    as many people as possible.
        One Per Family: Set of silverware & kitchen basket, New Item
        One Per Person: Towels | Face Cloth | Pillows
        Two Per Person: Sheets Sets & Blankets
6) Incoming items must be inventoried and checked against 
     pending wish lists before they are available.
7) Client deliveries are limited to within 10 miles of our facility. 
     Deliveries are made as volunteers are able and can be a 3-4 
     week wait. We encourage clients to arrange for pick up of 
     items when at all possible.
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